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Your Soul Wants to Express Itself

Our souls deeply long to be and express who we truly are. It is a spiritual quality to allow your soul's expression of its essence, and to share it with the world.

We all have a unique soul expression that we were born with in this lifetime. We were most purely in touch with it as children, and then the impositions of societal conditioning started to veil that connection. We started to believe that we had to be a certain way in order to fit in and be accepted, and sadly often this was true. Our souls started to painfully suffer under the stifling weight of societal conditioning.

But now as adults we have a choice to recover our soul's expression or allow ourselves to live a life of mediocrity in conformity.

I have met people who lived their whole lives within the conditioning of societal conformity, who have never lived their soul’s expression. I have also met people who are 40 or 50 years old who are waking up to their soul's expression, and regret they didn't do so earlier. Others may be living their soul's expressions to a certain extent, but something might still be holding them back from living in full alignment with its expression. Truly we can always become more aligned, no matter who we are.

So how do we become more aligned with our soul’s expression?

We need to get a felt sense of our soul. You might feel your soul’s expression in the depths of meditation, in profound contemplation, or when tremendous joy or difficulty shake the cobwebs off of our soul. You may be reminded of your soul’s expression through the quotes of great beings, through art, music or movies that stir you up, or through immersing yourself in the untamed poetry of nature. I feel my soul expression in my heart; I feel my soul is a microcosm of the joy and the love of creation itself. It is pure energy and inspiration that guides me to my highest expression of Self. You may feel it differently because everyone is unique. Your soul will also have unique guidance for you as to what your highest expression is to be in this lifetime. It is an energy that you will have to learn how to translate into the material world.

You can ask yourself “if I were to die today, what would my soul regret not doing or being?”, “If I were not afraid, what would I do with my life?”, “What does my heart truly long for?”, and “In my hero’s journey, what would the hero/heroine accomplish?”. Sometimes we have some healing work we need to do before we can see and feel our soul with clarity. There are many fears, uncomfortable emotions, limiting beliefs, and wounds that can create snares and obstacles to our souls. Sometimes we were wounded in order to develop a certain soul quality through healing. It is heroic in itself to start facing the fears, feeling the emotions, questioning the beliefs, and healing our being. Our prize is priceless; to be our highest Self.

Our world greatly needs people who are willing to be who their souls are calling them to be. Our world is literally dying to be a collective, healthy expression of soul. One could say that our world tends to be soulless, and as a result destructive, cruel, and wounding. We cannot allow ourselves to get pulled under by the societal current of fear and conformity for the sake of not only ourselves, but the well-being of the collective. We heal and get in touch with our soul in order to live a life of joy and to do our part to change the world. Being your Self, being your soul, is allowing the Divine to come down to earth through you. When you allow the Divine to work through you, you allow a unique piece of heaven to blossom on this earth.

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