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Why I decided to become a Spiritual Life Coach

The short answer is: I just love the continual growth and discovery one experiences on the spiritual journey and desire to be of service to others on that journey.

Here is the longer answer:

I have a deep love and appreciation for all the true manifestations of spirituality on our planet, and how spirit continues to manifest through each of us. I recognize that each individual has their own unique definition and connection to spirit (or their word for higher power), and I respect that it is up to each person to find and define it for themselves. As a Spiritual Life Coach, I hope to hold sacred space for each person to discover and develop their own spiritual spark.

I recognize that a lot of us are being driven to search for something deeper and higher during this time of change and upheaval on our planet. There has been a trend of people leaving organized religions that are no longer satisfying their needs. Our materialistic culture also does not provide us with a lot of answers besides telling us to push away our need for deeper understanding and connection with more stuff. I think our souls, hearts, and minds long for what is true, loving, free, and more alive.

On a more personal level, I've gone through some trials and tribulations on my spiritual journey, and at times I wished I had a guide to help me out. What I didn't know at the beginning of my spiritual path was an obstacle, sometimes a harmful one. I know others on the path have the same questions I have had, like: How do you create a spiritual practice? How do you create a connection with your higher power? What is the right spiritual path for me? How do I define my own spirituality? What kind of meditation is right for me? Why do I feel stuck on my spiritual path? How do I integrate my spirituality into my daily life? From the heart-space of my own personal experience on the path as well as respect for your own unique path, I am here as friendly guide who inspires, encourages, educates, and nurtures you on your spiritual journey.

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