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The Lionheart: A Leo's Perspective on Growing through Fear

For most of my life I have thought that it must have been a cosmic mistake that I was born under the sign of Leo. I have mostly acted as a meek, quiet little mouse. It was only very recently that I started embracing Leo qualities of courage, daring greatly, speaking my truth, allowing myself to be seen, believing in myself, and feeling like I have something of worth to give. I realize now that underneath the fear I am in fact a natural Leo. I am here to share authentically, love, encourage, create, and to shine like the warm sun. I continue to work on embracing my inner Leo, and sometimes alternate back and forth between Leo and mouse. It’s a process of stepping into the courageous lionheart that we all can go through, whether or not we are a Leo sun sign.

You might not think that you have it in you to be brave and follow your lionheart, but I promise that you do. You just have to start taking steps towards where your soul calls you, even when you are afraid. Especially when you are afraid! Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway, and then realizing that act has created or uncovered the courage in you. Just like the cowardly lion’s experience in the Wizard of Oz. Your lion-hearted desire doesn’t always have to be loud or external; it may be as quiet as having the courage to commit to daily meditation, open your mind to new ideas, or vulnerably explore your wounding with a therapist/healer. Essentially, your soul is here to grow, and we most often grow by crossing the bridge of our fears, gaining courage on that bridge, and being upleveled into awakening, healing, and freedom on the other side.

Being lion-hearted is also about recognizing your gifts and putting them in service to the world; creative expression for the illumination of others, shaking up systems of injustice, or sharing a deep love for living beings and the divine. Often we need to do some of the internal, more quiet fear-facing first to learn how to confront fear, but then we are ready to share ourselves in our communities and the world even if we are still afraid. We can liberate ourselves and the people around us at the same time by bravely being who we are and doing what we came here to do.

Our world and planet depends on our willingness to step into our courageous lionheart. As we slowly move into the Age of Aquarius, our structures and old ways of being are getting shaken up. It takes a lot of courage to step into the unknown and create new ways of being on an individual and collective level, but it is something that desperately needs to be done. Our dysfunctional society is killing our planet and wounding our souls. The damaging structures and beliefs of society are held together by fear; by unwillingness to step forth and individually and collectively cross the bridge into the unknown. Just the small acts of the lionheart, like having the courage to question the dominant narrative and structures of society, can make a big difference individually and collectively. We can dismantle the old and dysfunctional one lionhearted act at a time.

Whatever it is your lionheart desires for your growth but is stopped by your fear, I am here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT. Not only can you do it, but you will experience so much liberation and expansion on the other side. We can all be liberated with the help of our lionheart.

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