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The Importance of Connecting to your Soul and to Spirit

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Connection to soul and to spirit is what makes us truly alive. A lot of us walk around in this world numb to truly feeling or experiencing anything. On an individual level this leads to a life of mediocrity and a lack of fulfillment. On a collective level, so many members of humanity being disconnected from soul and spirit leads to a heartless, apathetic, unjust, cruel, and uninspired society. This connection, or lack there of, truly has consequences for how well or poorly we treat ourselves, others, and our earth.

Often in your life you have heard people say that fulfillment doesn't come from anything on the outside. But maybe you don't know how to feel fulfilled on the inside by connecting with your soul. I believe it just starts by listening to the subtle voices within, which will start to become louder once they begin to be listened too. The voice may sound like an urge to do something that you are afraid of, but that excites you and makes you vibrate with joy in your core. Or soul may come to you when you are out in nature when the light from the setting sun bathes and soothes you, or the power of a waterfall gives you goosebumps. It may also present itself in the form of love; a lover may remind you of your own soul by embodying its qualities, and so you fall in love with a person that represents what you hold so dear in your own soul.

There may be various definitions out there as to what soul or spirit are. You may have different definitions. In my experience, and take from this what you will, I experience my soul as a unique imprint of spirit in my human form; that which holds all of the humanity of my emotions and thoughts, desires and knowledge, flaws and gifts, as well as my connection to the greater whole. My soul is the drop in the endless ocean of spirit.

The conditioning that we grow up with is a barrier to soul. We forget to listen to our own soul when we start believing the voices outside of us know more than we do. We are taught submission and obedience to authority from a very young age. This conditioning may have you believe that your inner voice has no importance, and in a scary world it can quickly feel more safe to trust the voices of others over your own innate wisdom. The problem is that at worst this can lead to agreeing to harm others in collectively barbaric acts (think obedience to a cruel dictator who wants to wipe out a race), or apathetically going with the flow of mindless destruction of our planet; the unawakened soul of humanity sleepwalking towards its own demise.

So why are there consequences to not connecting with your unique soul, or letting yourself be held by the arms of the greater spirit? It is because you are a puzzle piece to the greater whole, you hold a piece that can help to complete the picture of the work that humanity must accomplish together. We are a reflection of a greater cosmic picture; let yourself uncover this mystery you were born with. Do you know what is good within yourself? Do you see how knowing what is good within you, helps you to see what is good within others? Can you see how seeing this good in yourself creates a bridge between your soul and another's? Why is this good there in the first place? Could it be a spark of eternal goodness that is lit within us all, that only dims when it is not recognized and shared? You carry a particular flavor of it, a flavor that can only be expressed by you.

Perhaps some pain has eclipsed some of the eternal good you carry, has made you

From looking within to your soul you will see your flaws and weaknesses, and you will also see your strengths. You will have compassion for the trembling humanity within you, which trembles in all humans. You will see you are alive as everything is alive. You will therefore want to protect all life, as all life contains this innocent aliveness of your soul.

I urge you to not ignore or be afraid of what your soul may truly long for or what it may want to say. Your soul is there to guide you home to spirit. Your soul is there to bridge the connection between yourself and others, and plants and animals, and all consciousness in our universe. We ultimately want to come home to ourselves, everyone, and everything.


Things that help you to connect to to soul:

-Journaling about your thoughts and emotions

-Any creative activity (engaging in or witnessing any form of art)

-Being out in nature

Things that help you connect to spirit:



-Reading sacred scriptures



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