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Spring Awakening: Coming Back to Life

Spring is here, and it is such a unique and extraordinary spring! Not only is it getting warmer, but I feel like a lot of us are coming out of hiding physically and energetically after a very difficult year. I sense that there is about to be a collective springing forth of the trapped energy of the last year within all of us.

Personally, I feel so much vital energy within me that wants to be expressed after all these months in COVID isolation. It just wants to pop out in all directions! The flowers are blossoming, and I along with them. The holiday of Easter is coming and resurrection is upon us. Reawakening to life, coming out of our houses, meeting up with people again, hugging people again, traveling to new places; expressing ourselves in connection and motion.

I know that there has been a lot of hurt and pain in the last year for so many people. Maybe it is still that way for many. In a way I feel like I sort of died last year. I had to die to most of the ways I used to live life. I experienced extreme isolation and grief over the loss of connection and freedom, and then I experienced an acceptance of how things are. I went into a winter cocoon in the last few months and just waited it out in peace and solitude.

And now in the last couple weeks I am noticing an inner bud emerging and breaking through the earth in a powerful way. Its as if the extremes of solitude and quietness have made me more aware of of my vital energy than ever before. It feels like excitement, playfulness, and just a desire to fully enjoy my life in this body, on this earth, in all the ways.

There's a David Bowie song that comes to mind here, called "Cygnet Committee". The whole song is good, but I am thinking of the line that comes at the end where he repeats "We want to live, I want to live!". There is such a fantastic vital energy in that part that puts you in touch with your life force. We all want to live free and express our energy in the world. There is a season for everything though, and sometimes we have to go underground in order to grow and blossom into something new.

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