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Random Thoughts on Consciousness

I generated this little AI art on the topic of consciousness because I have been curious about consciousness lately. While I have always perceived that consciousness is everywhere, I am discovering more and more the pure nature of consciousness, which I see as just the witnessing aliveness that is always there. As humans we tend to focus on and identify with the contents in our minds and our bodies, but those are fleeting and not permanent, while consciousness is permanent and pure of all these contents, but also allows them. Consciousness is the aliveness of everything, and when you know you are that and not just thoughts, ideas, and roles you play it can be very freeing. It sounds simple but it is not an easy road to continuously dis-identify with the contents of your small self, and most people have to find the contents to be a problem before they are willing to do this. So if you have rather comfortable contents and roles that you are playing, it is hard to be interested in dis-identifying with them and freeing yourself. But life has a way of shaking us all up and making the attachment to who we think we are and what we think we want uncomfortable in the end, so that we have to look for more, look beyond what used to make us fleetingly happy or comfortable so that we can find more permanent inner joy.

Scientists are still confused about what consciousness is, which is probably because they are trying to look for something material that they can dissect, while consciousness is not material but is in all material. From what I understand, consciousness has to be recognized within oneself, but this subjective experience cannot be explained in terms of rational, objective science. The truth is that mystics of all religions have already understood the nature of consciousness for thousands of years, because they are wiling to experience the mystery of consciousness within themselves. They have subtracted everything material to discover the pure essence of consciousness within, which is hard to describe in words. I have never experienced the highest samadhi, but I am told it is an experience that one cannot even express because there is no longer any “I“ that could even record the experience. They are returned to the pure ocean of consciousness that is freed from the limitations of “I”.

This makes me remember a time where I took LSD in my early 20’s, and suddenly I perceived that everything was watching everything else with an all-pervading intelligence. How can we not see this aliveness and intelligence everywhere? Is it because humanity is dead to its own intrinsic aliveness and intelligence? I perceive that there is so much life and love in everything, but I think I can only perceive it because I have done a lot of work to disidentify from all the stuff that covers the pure consciousness within. I really hope that more of us continue to do this work so that we can perceive all of life with love and feel connected to it enough to protect the whole earth.

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