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Dog is Love

Dogs are already everything we humans aspire to be: in the present moment, pure of heart, loving, generous, compassionate, free, uninhibited, and happy most of the time. Humans would be much worse off without their example. Thank Dog for these Gods.

When I was about 15 years old my family got a dog named Pamplemousse from the animal shelter. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. We took her home and she changed our lives immediately with her joy and love. I remember thinking that now I know what love is. Not that my family wasn't loving, but in some ways she opened my heart and made me feel totally loved for the first time. When I think back now I realize our lives would have been much more empty and cold without Pamplemousse.

I have also known and loved other dogs and they all have pure hearts. They give their hearts to you completely because they see the goodness in you and everyone. Their hearts are so open that they love the new people they meet immediately. As a counselor, my clients have told me how their dogs will know when they start to feel bad, even sometimes before they do, and then give them loving comfort. They are brave, loyal, and protective of their humans. And a dog's uninhibited playfulness is so refreshing for the often repressed human soul. Their enjoyment of life is contagious.

The spirit of a dog is just pure, unabashed love and joy. They channel the Divine spirit in their furry, cute bodies. Their goodness and love makes you remember your own inner goodness and love; makes you remember the innocence, joy, love, and purity of divine spirit in all beings and things.

Thank you Pamplemousse and all dogs for your service to us humans.

In memory of beloved Pamplemousse: April 2003- February 14, 2021

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