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 My Journey

Since about the age of 15, I have been on a journey of spiritual discovery and healing. It has been a long, strange, fascinating, and beautiful journey that I know will never end. 

As a teenager the question "what is God?" became very important to me. I was unable to stomach the version of God taught to me in the Orthodox Christian church I was raised in. An unloving God seemed wrong to me, yet I felt that there is indeed some higher power. I kept repeating the question of "what is God" over and over to myself, and one day out of the blue I heard an answer inside of myself; "God is That Which IS". I understood that meant that God is everything, all the time. 

In my 20's I traveled to India to explore world religions. In India my understanding that all religions are paths to the same God was further confirmed. I started to explore the mystical dimensions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and shamanic traditions, and studied meditation. I have a reverence for all spiritual traditions, even those I haven't mentioned here. Many spiritual teachers and lineages have also helped me and influenced my path, including but not limited to Craig Holliday, the lineage of Kundalini Vidya, Matt Kahn, Hilda Charlton, Ram Dass, the Ruhaniat Sufi lineage, and Brent D'Silva. 

I hold a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Studying psychology and counseling taught me that psychological and emotional healing are critical to the spiritual journey. We can't get far on the spiritual path when we are dragging a heavy load behind us. As a counselor I learned how to sit and be with people; how to listen, communicate, and hold a sacred healing space. Most importantly, I learned that our humanity is to be loved and respected, not just something to be transcended, but that every part of us is Divine. 

Now I am more dedicated to the spiritual and healing path than ever. What was originally a mental inquiry into the truth of reality has become a heartfelt devotion to God, to That Which IS. Through working with my humanity I have come to understand how to be a healing presence for myself and others. I bring these psychospiritual gifts to all those I work with. It is my joy to help others on similar journeys! 

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