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Hello, I'm Justina and I welcome you to my site!

Before any professional titles, I am first and foremost a spiritual explorer of the inner frontier. My heart and soul are most passionate about the journey that takes us deeper into our souls, and higher into spirit. I have spent the last nearly 20 years of my life exploring, studying and practicing different spiritual traditions as well as western psychology. As the saying goes, there are many paths up the mountain, and I have deep respect for all the varying and beautiful routes. My dream has been to combine spirituality and psychology into a psychospiritual healing method that both heals and spiritually awakens those I work with. 

I have a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with 3 years of experience as a therapist. I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach (CSLC) here at Free Spirit Psychospiritual Coaching on a mission to help others on their psychospiritual healing journeys. 

I know how much you long to get closer to spirit, 

to heal your heart, to free your mind, and liberate your soul. 

My psychospiritual coaching is designed to help you:







Healing Your Heart and Freeing Your Spirit 

  • Navigate the challenges of spiritual awakening 

  • Heal wounding that blocks you from connecting with your Self and Spirit

  • Develop self-love and discover the inherent love within you

  • Explore and define your own unique spiritual path 

  • Cultivate a spiritual practice that supports your healing journey

Let me walk with you on this healing journey that brings you closer

to your spiritual Home. 

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